The Help Line

  • Energy costs wiping out your budget?
  • Need help designing a new project?
  • Struggling with an infrastructure problem?
  • Need to reduce water and sewer costs?
  • Want to improve your power supply?
  • Have you been asked to set up a better maintenance organization?
  • Not sure how to approach a problem?
  • In the mood to bounce an idea, or two, off a quality infrastructure professional?

Give us a call. We’ll get you some free advice. Of course, we may not be able to totally solve your problem for free, but we’ll surely get you headed in the right direction.

Contact the Hot-Line:
Phone: (513) 651-4414
Toll Free: 800-850-0384
Fax: (513) 723-2242

Snail mail:
19 Broadcast Plaza
635 W. 7th Street, Suite #406
Cincinnati, OH 45203

In person: Call for an appointment.

We look forward to hearing from you!